The Legacy of Order 66

The Retreat

The Retreat is no Shangri la

Xrystian offered that it was his understanding from the Captain that there were probably still four Rodians still out there.

Our party had a detailed strategy session about what we thought the situation was & what we wanted to do. We determine that we must ensure the Sabacc’s Mistress must be secured, as best we can. However, Captain Harsol appeared to us as paranoid that anyone would leave the planet, including us. He had forbidden any of us from leaving The Retreat.

Dax & Alex are our two stealthier members & the former has the ability to operate the ship. At night on the second day they successfully slip out of camp. In their escape, they decide to ride a local beast & the noise it makes alerts the Retreat’s guards.

The Captain accosts the rest of us remaining, accusing us of betraying him since our comrades disobeyed his order. Xrystian & Dai calmed him, arguing that we’re here to help & they probably just went to check on our ship. The Captain put guards outside of our huts.

Alex & Dax encounter the Rodians at our ship but are able to surprise them & take them down. Dax pilots the Sabacc’s Mistress to a clearing nearer The Retreat. Despite no piloting skill, Alex tries to follow Dax in the Rodian ship. She has trouble, though, & manages a control crash in it…which damages it enough that it’s non-operational.

Alex calls the group over our comms updating us & what had transpired. Xyrstian immediately updates the Captain about it, who demands Alex & Dax bring Sabacc’s Mistress to The Retreat. Alex replies that our ship is disabled. The Captain doesn’t believe her but sends out guards to the location that Alex gives to retrieve them.

Alex, Dax & the three Rodian prisoners were brought back to The Retreat & our missing members were placed on house arrest for disobeying orders.

Xyristian, Dai’Talkena & I went to the Captain to try and make sure our relations were solid. While we were talking to him an Imperial starship rumbles overhead at low altitude sending the Retreat into panic. No less Captain Harsol who, despite Imperial probe droids dropping around us, points his blaster at us blaming us for everything.

Full battle ensues between us & the four Imperial scout droids. After only one round, four speeders with mounted Heavy Blasters come screaming over a berm at us. Thankfully, Talkena dives safely out of the path of their blast fire, but Xyrstian & I fail to move promptly and get thoroughly lit up by the heavy blasters. Fortuitously, the blaster fire also causes some of the front of the HQ to fall in front of us, granting cover.

Cratala runs to the nexu feeding area & audibly vows to lot the Imperial forces to take her alive.

Dax takes a bad blaster shot & drops unconscious. Eventually my hearty party, with assistance from the survivors, get the upper hand & take out all the speeders. The Sa’nalaor survivors were able to handle the balance of the Imperial Probes.

We proposed taking The Retreat leadership off-planet with us, including Captain Harsol & Cratala. The Captain is initially adamantly opposed, but Cratala convinces him it’s the only way. The Sabacc’s Mistress goes into warp headed for Raxis Prime.


A graceful dodge if she does say so herself.

The Retreat
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