The Legacy of Order 66

Horuset System
Not really a tourist destination

Korriban_system.jpgAfter jumping blindly, we arrived to the ancient Sith world of Korriban in the Horuset system. Many Sith artifacts have been found there, but It’s been dead for a millinia. There is a debris field around the planet. The Dark Lords that we know as the Sith are not actually Sith – they’re the “Lords of the Sith”; they enslaved the Sith many years ago, a race that is no longer around.

With reservations, particularly from Xrystian, it was decided to go to Planet_Korriban_landscape_2.jpgthe surface.

It turns out our unscheduled visit is during the cold season, and several of us go out into the freezing wind. Jorn inspects the ship finding a landslide had landed on top of one side of our ship Gordian Knot. The vessel could now obviously use some time in the shop.

Xrystian shares that he thinks he sees something a couple hundred Planet_Korriban_landscape_1.jpgmeters away. He leads us there, where we find a cave mouth. Inside the sides are smooth, unlike the ground outside, there’s an interment substance that appears as Fool’s Gold & there appears to be a bright white light 400-500 meters into the tunnel. In any case, the absence of the wind makes it much warmer inside & we proceed inside. We find skeletal remains that we’re unable to identify. Xrystian clearly doesn’t want to proceed but his reasoning is vague.

Making it to the end of the tunnel we find the light is an opening into a valley. This valley is sunk down 200 meters & holds a large ominous pyramid. Xryistian discomfort seems to increase. The ground shakes underneath us and Jorn & Xryistian now suddenly agree that perhaps we should leave. Tal’Keena checks in with Dax at the ship, the ground shifts under our feet & then suddenly our communicators only give forth white noise.

We all then experienced, what appeared to be, a vision. The sky over the valley seemed to crack open, like a roof, a ship descended through it and shot a light at the top of the pyramid. There the light splintered into light that refracted all over the valley and we each were hit with our own beam. The valley suddenly seemed much more idyllic, the temperature warm and comfortable, the plants more welcoming and native humanoid figures running around. The ship overhead then opens fire killing these figures. At that point the vision ends. The comms begin to work again & Dax is heard excitedly trying to raise us; he’d lost contact with our group and was concerned. He said more rocks had fallen on the ship & Tal’Keena filled him in on the vision.

We proceed forward & see a carved symbol in stone (that looks much like the Advantage result on the die) we recognize as having been associated with Merrick, the former apprentice of Dark Vader who then sacrificed himself to save who would be the leadership of the Alliance.

Farrunner surprises us by suddenly changing his advice, wanting to proceed ahead. We get to the pyramid and ascend some steps up about 1/3 of the pyramid, where we come to a ledge. There’s an arch carved into the side but no opening. Finding more stair off this ledge we proceed upwards and eventually find an opening.

Inside, the walls are covered with what we believe are Sith glyphs – not Sith Dark Lords but the original people that the Dark Lords subjugated. Dai Tal’Keena studies them but comes away extremely confused; the group is concerned by the effect they had on her.

We find a tight very steep spiral stairs down. Over those stairs is a symbol of a pyramid, a circle over it, rays coming from the circle that go to stick men. Members of the group voice that perhaps the six stick figures must be depicting us (even though there’s five of us that are there at the moment). We proceed down these extremely sharp stairs; Jorn & I assist Tal’Keena, who was unsure of her steps.

At the bottom of the spiral staircase we can to three doors, one door with one hashmark, one with two hashmarks & the last with three. Den’lon & Xrystian together inspect door “#1” and Iracttius inspects #3. Iracttius comes up with nothing, but Den’lon senses that the grooves have something to do with opening it.

Den’lon is able to get door #1 open using the slot by pushing it up. A smell of death & decay emanates from the now open doorway and the 8 foot diameter room within. There were glyphs on the walls and a 3’ diameter circular portal in the floor. Iracttius egresses the room to keep an eye on the two other doors outside. The bothan & Tal’Keena put their fingers in each slot, respectively, and the portal slides open easily. Inside there is a small curious basin that Xrystian & Jorn reach into to investigate…finding it a caustic chemical agent that burns their fingers painfully.

We got out & Den’lon similarly opens door #2, where we find a much larger room and a lever. The bothan figures out how to pull the lever from distance, which opens a portion of the floor. There’s a narrow slitted stone filter there that obviously connected to room #1.

Den’lon opens the third door, where we find a large dais in the center & a symbol of a hand holding something with light coming from the other end. There are two crystals in there, one yellow & one red; we know that these types of crystals are used inside light sabers.

Perceiving a weight-plate at the bottom of the basin, Den’lon attempts to skillfully swap the one crystal for something similarly weighted. After initially believing it worked, liquid started dripping from the ceiling, with all of us fearing the worst. She quickly reached for the other crystal, only to watch it quickly flip on its own into Xrystian’s hand.

We all bolted for the stairs. At the top of the stairs, the open doorway that we ingressed the pyramid through was closed. But suddenly, and quite mysteriously, Xrystian seems to somehow open the doorway. As we’re running for the tunnel to get out of the valley we all have an intermittent vision of us running with the native Sith while the Dark Lords cut down them down with light sword-like weapons. The visions ended as we entered the tunnel & we ran to the far end of it, where it was partially blocked with rubble.

Some of the band recommence interviewing those we freed from the Imperial ship’s brig but that are not part of Captain Harsol’s crew. One has big scar on face. Another has bioinic arm & eye. Girl is young, cute & hit Xrystian in the face when he tries to question her. She turned out to be serving the Empire, probably for her freedom, by hosting a subcutaneous homing device. The young Zarkon is able to quickly slice into encrypted Imperial data channels & leads them to believe that activity on the surface is actually elsewhere. This is to cover the ship’s fire that Iracttius vaporizes the majority of the landslide that was pinning the ship into place.

Now freed from its rocky tether, the Gordian Knot streaks into orbit & prepares to jump.

The Rescue Begins
"We're here to rescue you"

Our “new” Gordian Knot comes out of hyperspace in the Cholganna system, but due to a navigational miscalculation, spiraled somewhat out of control right at an Imperial ship of the line in high orbit around the planet. The “Knot” careened off that ship & hurtled towards the planet below.

Raxus Prime

Our session begins with us arriving into the system of Raxus Prime.
Scrap Heap Point is the location of the Captain’s base on Raxus Prime.

On the trip to the system the Captain, Xrystian, Alyx & myself play a few hands of Sabacc. I realize I’m far outmatched & pull out after the first hand. The others continue, but the Captain accuses his First Mate of cheating, cuffs him in the face & orders him out of the room. The Captain said he forfeited his claim on the pot & suggested that the rest of us split it in some way.

Captain Cartell of the Empire meets us at the landing area. The code that Dax cooked up with his droid raises a few suspicions & they have required that we submit to boarding & search upon landing.

Alyx detects audio electronic surveillance device has been planted by our Imperial boarders. We determine not to have Dax try to disable, for fear of them detecting our attempts. Instead we will simply watch our speech aboard ship.

Our landing area is near the Northern pole of the planet & our destination, Scrap Heap Point, is near the equator. So we relocate to a salvage area near our destination but not one that will lead anyone trailing us directly to where we’re headed.

Upon setting down we notice an unarmed skiff already there with some salvaged items aboard. Upon lowering our ramp, we are hailed by a Chiss & a Bothan. We chat for just a few seconds when a heavily armed Imperial skiff blazes into site blaring over it’s loudspeakers for us to relinquish our illegal salvage.

Alyx runs for the turret, Xrystian runs aboard the ship, Dai holds up her hands to signify our compliance & I remain motionless physically, covering covering my protectee.

We fly to Scrap Heap Point. We are guided into the only parking spot for a ship our size by a Rodian that identifies himself as “Norta”, from the ISOtech Clan. He says he’s a partner of our employer Reom. We have a detailed pow wow with Norta. (Note: Cratala is a Arcanian.)

Suddenly, we detect multiple skiffs full of individuals in Jawa cowls. But Norta jumps onto one of these skiffs, cuffs him in the face & dislodges the cowl, revealing that it’s the Rodian Content Not Found: null. I had jumped into the ship’s lower gunnery turret & opened fire.

After the initial volley from both sides, one of the skiffs had crashed the mouth of the cave & exploded – appearing to kill on onboard (I can take credit for that). The other skiff planted itself into the ground with foes jumping off and using it for cover. We were acquitting ourselves well, when Roem appears with a dozen or so soldiers ordering the opposition to surrender. They choose to live & do so.

Reom tells us he’s quite pleased with our service & offers our group either 30,000 credits or 20,000 and a stake in the new cybernetics company. The group opts for the latter after some discussion.

We trade in the group’s two ships for a larger one to accommodate our larger party.

Xrystian makes known his strong desire to rescue the rest of the The Salanor’s crew. Captain Harsol & Cratala are all for it. Alyx makes known her ongoing strong desire for a cybernetic rear appendage. Cratala says she is willing & offers any of us cybernetic enhancements that she is able to perform. She says she is able to do it on the voyage back to Cholganna. Dai is given a cybernetic arm. I receive implanted armor. Alyx finally gets her tail.

Most unfortunately, Jorn seems to have had some…trouble…with the warp jump navigation computations. We did seem to arrive into the Cholganna system but we collided with an orbiting Imperial ship immediately after arriving, we think taking out their bridge. “Bouncing” off of that we’re now headed into the atmosphere….

The Retreat
The Retreat is no Shangri la

Xrystian offered that it was his understanding from the Captain that there were probably still four Rodians still out there.

Our party had a detailed strategy session about what we thought the situation was & what we wanted to do. We determine that we must ensure the Sabacc’s Mistress must be secured, as best we can. However, Captain Harsol appeared to us as paranoid that anyone would leave the planet, including us. He had forbidden any of us from leaving The Retreat.

Dax & Alex are our two stealthier members & the former has the ability to operate the ship. At night on the second day they successfully slip out of camp. In their escape, they decide to ride a local beast & the noise it makes alerts the Retreat’s guards.

The Captain accosts the rest of us remaining, accusing us of betraying him since our comrades disobeyed his order. Xrystian & Dai calmed him, arguing that we’re here to help & they probably just went to check on our ship. The Captain put guards outside of our huts.

Alex & Dax encounter the Rodians at our ship but are able to surprise them & take them down. Dax pilots the Sabacc’s Mistress to a clearing nearer The Retreat. Despite no piloting skill, Alex tries to follow Dax in the Rodian ship. She has trouble, though, & manages a control crash in it…which damages it enough that it’s non-operational.

Alex calls the group over our comms updating us & what had transpired. Xyrstian immediately updates the Captain about it, who demands Alex & Dax bring Sabacc’s Mistress to The Retreat. Alex replies that our ship is disabled. The Captain doesn’t believe her but sends out guards to the location that Alex gives to retrieve them.

Alex, Dax & the three Rodian prisoners were brought back to The Retreat & our missing members were placed on house arrest for disobeying orders.

Xyristian, Dai’Talkena & I went to the Captain to try and make sure our relations were solid. While we were talking to him an Imperial starship rumbles overhead at low altitude sending the Retreat into panic. No less Captain Harsol who, despite Imperial probe droids dropping around us, points his blaster at us blaming us for everything.

Full battle ensues between us & the four Imperial scout droids. After only one round, four speeders with mounted Heavy Blasters come screaming over a berm at us. Thankfully, Talkena dives safely out of the path of their blast fire, but Xyrstian & I fail to move promptly and get thoroughly lit up by the heavy blasters. Fortuitously, the blaster fire also causes some of the front of the HQ to fall in front of us, granting cover.

Cratala runs to the nexu feeding area & audibly vows to lot the Imperial forces to take her alive.

Dax takes a bad blaster shot & drops unconscious. Eventually my hearty party, with assistance from the survivors, get the upper hand & take out all the speeders. The Sa’nalaor survivors were able to handle the balance of the Imperial Probes.

We proposed taking The Retreat leadership off-planet with us, including Captain Harsol & Cratala. The Captain is initially adamantly opposed, but Cratala convinces him it’s the only way. The Sabacc’s Mistress goes into warp headed for Raxis Prime.

The Sa'nalaor
We're just here to help.

Cholganna.jpgThe party is on the planet of Cholganna. We’ve been exploring the wreckage of the Sa’nalor & finished looking through the engine room that only Alex & G4-R8 could access.

We decided to make camp before darkness fell. After awaking the next day, we set out for the main wreckage site…and into the thick unwelcoming jungle of this planet.

Dax Zarcon, having some stealthy abilities, took point. Unfortunately, before we’d gone far,Giant_rats.jpg our technically-minded member stepped into a rodents’ nest…and these rodents were not small.

I proved my bodyguard skills, quickly drawing my Blaster & smoking two of them with one shot. With her Blaster Rifle, Alex lit up the area, shredding the log that Dax was standing on & sending him into a hole beneath. Dax throws some of the Nexu meat to the edge of the pit, hoping the sizable rats would be more enticed by that than him. Following another volley from our intrepid party, Alex applies a Blaster Rifle round to explosive effect on an unlucky varmint, sending the rest scurrying in all directions into the surrounding green morass.

Pushing ahead we come upon the enormous hulking target of our quest, the Sa’nalor, which went many stories Sa_nalor_wreck.jpghigh into the air & possibly several below ground. It was partially covered by a camouflage net that looked to have been there since the wreck, suggesting there were survivors of the crash. An empty escape pod port offered ingress into the massive ship.

Dia Tal’Keena, Nub Numb & myself maintained guard on this entryway, while Alex, Xrystian & Dax Zarkon (& G4-R8) went into the darkness. They explore a bit, finding skeletons still pinned under interior wreckage. However, there were no unpinned skeletons…we surmised this more evidence of wreck survivors. Alex came upon a lockbox that contained that eerily didn’t contain anything.

Those of us outside decided to join the ship explorers. Dax was able to use Turbolift.jpghis computer skills to get a turbo lift activated & up we went. There were eleven floors available above us and three below, in this particular shaft. We ascended the 11 floors higher to find another turbolift that Dax again worked to his will. That lift turned out to be feisty, immediately starting upwards…all of us successfully leaped onboard except the driod IT3, who politely assured us he would wait there3PO.jpg.

We arrived on the 14th Bridge Level above, where we were quickly attacked by two cybernetically enhanced Nexu. One minorly wounded Dia Tal’Keena but it was dispatched soon after. The other semi-cyber-beast sprang at us but misjudged its leap & skidded down a corridor.

Right after that, our competition on this mission, a party of Rodians led by Two Low, come Tolu.jpgthrough turbo-lift doors on the opposite side of the Bridge. Their Nexu.jpgweapons were leveled at us and IT3, whom they seemed to have as their prisoner. As the Rodians make their way our direction the Nexu surprised them, springing and taking a Rodian head into its mouth. We opened fire on these new arrivals, hoping our opposition would eliminate each other. Zarkon’s fire knocked Two Low off balance and back into the turbo-lift. The Nexu had made quick work of his first target & jumped into the turbo-lift just before its doors closed, leaving us with sounds of combat as it descended. The remaining Rodian surrendered to us.

Zarkon went to a ship’s control panel as Alex, Xrystian & me formed an assault group to quickly descend to the cargo hold. At that point the doors to that same turbo-lift opened with no one & nothing inside. Presumably, if Tolu had been killed by the beast, at least his weapon, if not his body, should have still been inside. We needed to get to that cargo hold before Tolu did. Zarkon took control of the ship’s elevators and down the three of us went.

A blaster bolt, accompanied by a Rodian taunt, hit the back of the elevator as soon as its doors opened. The young human, seeing our attacker, as well as the nearest cover, Dark_corridor.jpgthrough his light-enhancing lenses, charged towards it. Alex took advantage of the dark corridor and advanced, keeping to the shadows. My extremely sensitive Trandoshan vision goes into the infrared spectrum and I laid down blaster fire to keep our foe occupied.

Tolu fled, leading us on a chase to a closing turbo-lift door. Fortunately, with our youngest member at the bridge’s controls, the ship was on our side. We had Dax quickly freeze the elevator in-between floors &, though he tried to flee through the lift’s roof hatch, we were able to bring the Rodian down with a Stun bolt.

Meanwhile, the Captain of the Sa’nalor appeared on the bridge and via our voice-channel, ordered us to the bridge. Alex stayed hidden, but Xrystian & I complied.

The Captain ordered all of us off the ship & took us to “The Retreat”, which is where the ship’s crew apparently had lived for the last 19 years. Dia Tal’Keena used the opportunity of our short journey to began applying her formidable skills of persuasion on the Captain. There was obvious strife within the encampment, with members openly questioning the Captain’s actions., particularly one named Cratala. Our employer Reon had been correct to send IT3 with us; the droid seemed to be the reason the Captain hadn’t tried to kill us, as we came to understand was his practice with those he found aboard The Sa’nalor.

The settlement had a town hall meeting to discuss what our arrival & presence among them would mean for their future.

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