Xrystian Farrunner

A bold and brash young politico who manages to pull off a debonair demeanor and air of privillege, despite obviously carrying his whole life in his backpack and utility belt.


Xrystian is a strong human teenager about 5’7" in height, with black hair and piercing green eyes. When he’s fully equipped, he’s carrying a full backpack that would stagger other human’s his size and an equally full utility belt on his hip. Although it’s belied by his grace and demeanor, anyone else this with this much equipment would obviously be living off what they were carrying.

Likewise, although he tends to glisten and gleam more than wrinkle and shadow, it’s obvious he’s put in some hard labor in the recent past, if not earlier today. Despite this, he stands upright, somehow managing to stride as though he were at least two inches taller.

Although he sometimes trims down his accoutrements to match his planned activities, his default status is with a full back pack and utility belt with a multitude of various sized pouches. Upon careful inspection, when walking the streets, he is visibly carrying a blaster and vibroknife on one hip as well as climbing equipment, and a fusion lantern attached to his bag.


Born on Lorrd, “Xrystian” is secretly Jacen Torani, the first born son of a noble family. Raised by an honorable lineage, Xrystian was born to lead, and trained from a young age that it is his duty to help those less fortunate. His early training in diplomacy and strategy is still with him, but recently it’s been augmented by a life on the run.

Around the age of 10, once his force powers started to show, The Empire began to take an interest in him. Before his 11th birthday, fearing that he would be taken from the family and groomed for service to The Empire, his aunt abducted him and took him to the Outer Rim, where she workd a job during the day and at night continued his training in diplomacy. She continued to raise Xrystian to one day return and claim his title as the prince that he truly is. As such she taught him how to carry himself, how to talk and act, as well as how to deceive.

Despite her plans to return with Xrystian, his parents have died, and his younger brother assumed the throne. Life in his home world has moved along and the Lords of Lorrd are happy that he has to. If he’s found, they will likely try to remove the threat to the throne… him. This might be exactly why his Aunt died several years ago. Xrystian has never known, all that he knew was that she didn’t come home and then there were intruders at the door and he ran.

Despite being literally on the run from his throne, he holds himself to the standards of royalty in his actions. Of course, royalty also back-stabs, manipulates and connives when appropriate….

Over the past few years since his aunt died, Xrystian has taken several odd jobs on several different planets. During one of these he found himself working with Dia. The two got along well enough, but it was just a job and Xrystian needed to keep his profile low and move along.

A few weeks before the start of the campaign, Xrystian was laying low, working another odd job when Alyxandra showed up at apartment. “We have to go,” she said. “I just killed one bounty hunter and the next three will be arriving any minute.”

“My brother’s found me again?” Xrystian asked.

“You’re brother’s also force sensitive?”

“Oh, no. We’re back to that again?”

And so, Xrystian took to the streets once more…

Xrystian Farrunner

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