Rel Harsol

Captain of the Sa'Nalaor


Rel Harsol, Captain of the Sa’Nalaor

Race: Human
Homeworld: Coruscant
Allegiance: CIS (Confederacy of Independent Systems) (formerly)
Age: 62
Height: 2.2m


Captain Rel Harsol is a career naval officer who rose through the ranks of the Republic fleet. He served on the bridge of Senator Mils Narvek of Coruscant. It was on the senators ship that Harsol began to see the corruption of the Republic. Senator Narvek was only interested in his own personal wealth and power. Harsol was ordered numerous times to fire on defenseless ships.
Although a native or Coruscant, he jumped at the chance to join the Separatists. He served aboard General Grievious’ ship, Invisible Hand. His dedication and command authority earned him a promotion and his own ship to command, the Sa’Nalaor.

Rel Harsol

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