Dax Zarkon

Brash 15 year-old tech genius from the planet Kuat


Dax Zarkon
Human – Kuati
Male, 15
Black hair, Green eyes


  • Technician
  • Slicer

Dax was born on Kuat. His father, Del Zarkon, was the Administrator of the Kuat Drive Yards’ computer and automation core. When Dax was born, the Empire had already siezed the Kuat Drive Yards 4 years ealier. In 19 BBY, Moff Thichis Kuras and an entire regiment of Storm Troopers and a Star Destroyer assigned to the sector. Kuras was a cruel and unfriendly Imperial Governor. Dax had always tried to follow in his father’s foot steps. He often went to work with him and learned a great deal about computer systems and Imperial protocols.

When Dax was 12, his whole world changed. His father, Del, had been secretly communication with a Bothan Rebel spy. The spy wanted access codes for the Kuat Drive Yard Security Systems. Del was told that the sensors were to be disabled to allow for a Rebel cruiser to enter Kuati space as a distraction for a larger plan. Del had no love for the Empire, especially in light of how Moff Kuras treated he and his crew.

In 2 BBY, a Rebel fleet led by the Sundered Heart attacked the shipyards. This attack prompted the Star Destroyer Tyranny currently orbiting Fresia, to respond. It wasn’t until the aftermath of the events of that day that the true plan was revealed. Leaving Fresia unguarded, a second Rebel fleet raided the X-Wing facility on Fresia and stole 20 X-Wings giving the Rebel Alliance their first space fighters.

Moff Kuras, upon learning of the deception, knew he had been betrayed. The only way that the Rebel could have entered Kuati space undetected was if the sensors were disabled. That meant one of Del Zarkon’s group.

With a squad of Storm Troopers, Moff Kuras siezed Del and his team. Dax was on the promanade when the Rebel attack occured. Amid all the workers and Storm Troopers running around him, Dax made his way towards his father’s office. On his way there, he saw his mother being hauled off by Imperial Security Bureau agents. They made eye contact and his mother made it clear not to come closer. Dax did what he could to get to where he felt most safe; the Kuat Drive Yards Data Core. The well refridgerated room seemed particularly figid that afternoon. Once inside, Dax powered up a terminal and sliced into the internal closed circuit television system. He saw his mother being dragged before Moff Kuras with his father being held at blaster point. He saw that three of his father’s crew were already lying on the floor, blaster marks on the sides of their heads.

Fearing the worst, Dax tried to disable all the security from the nearest docking station to his father’s office in hopes that some Rebels might make their way to him in time. Dax watched as Moff Kuras threatened his father one last time. Dax then watched as Kuras grabbed his mother and put her in the airlock. He watched as his father struggled against his captors. Then as if in some sort of dream progressing in slow-motion, Dax watched as Kurus pressed the release button, venting the compartment his mother was in out into space.

Having just lost his mother he was not about to loose his father too. He grabbed a blaster pistol and headed out into the corridor towards his father’s office. A Bothan approached him and grabbed his arm. Dax tried to struggle but the Bothan was incredibly strong for his size. They stopped at an escape pod hatch. The Bothan told Dax that his destiny lies elsewhere and he must not be captured or killed by the Empire. With that, the Bothan tossed Dax into the escape pod and launched it into space.

Dax could see the battle above the space station, green and red laser fire criss-crossing the only viewport in his pod. He continued to watch as the battle became smaller and smaller in his viewport. Eventually, he could no longer see anything save the blackness of space.

It was two weeks before Dax, near starving and dehydrated, was picked up by a Ithorian trade merchant vessel. He was taken to Bogden. He traveled with the Ithorian for a year assiting him with computer and slicing needs. This eventually brought Dax to The Wheel where he has spent the last 18 months.

Dax Zarkon

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