The Legacy of Order 66

The Sa'nalaor

We're just here to help.

Cholganna.jpgThe party is on the planet of Cholganna. We’ve been exploring the wreckage of the Sa’nalor & finished looking through the engine room that only Alex & G4-R8 could access.

We decided to make camp before darkness fell. After awaking the next day, we set out for the main wreckage site…and into the thick unwelcoming jungle of this planet.

Dax Zarcon, having some stealthy abilities, took point. Unfortunately, before we’d gone far,Giant_rats.jpg our technically-minded member stepped into a rodents’ nest…and these rodents were not small.

I proved my bodyguard skills, quickly drawing my Blaster & smoking two of them with one shot. With her Blaster Rifle, Alex lit up the area, shredding the log that Dax was standing on & sending him into a hole beneath. Dax throws some of the Nexu meat to the edge of the pit, hoping the sizable rats would be more enticed by that than him. Following another volley from our intrepid party, Alex applies a Blaster Rifle round to explosive effect on an unlucky varmint, sending the rest scurrying in all directions into the surrounding green morass.

Pushing ahead we come upon the enormous hulking target of our quest, the Sa’nalor, which went many stories Sa_nalor_wreck.jpghigh into the air & possibly several below ground. It was partially covered by a camouflage net that looked to have been there since the wreck, suggesting there were survivors of the crash. An empty escape pod port offered ingress into the massive ship.

Dia Tal’Keena, Nub Numb & myself maintained guard on this entryway, while Alex, Xrystian & Dax Zarkon (& G4-R8) went into the darkness. They explore a bit, finding skeletons still pinned under interior wreckage. However, there were no unpinned skeletons…we surmised this more evidence of wreck survivors. Alex came upon a lockbox that contained that eerily didn’t contain anything.

Those of us outside decided to join the ship explorers. Dax was able to use Turbolift.jpghis computer skills to get a turbo lift activated & up we went. There were eleven floors available above us and three below, in this particular shaft. We ascended the 11 floors higher to find another turbolift that Dax again worked to his will. That lift turned out to be feisty, immediately starting upwards…all of us successfully leaped onboard except the driod IT3, who politely assured us he would wait there3PO.jpg.

We arrived on the 14th Bridge Level above, where we were quickly attacked by two cybernetically enhanced Nexu. One minorly wounded Dia Tal’Keena but it was dispatched soon after. The other semi-cyber-beast sprang at us but misjudged its leap & skidded down a corridor.

Right after that, our competition on this mission, a party of Rodians led by Two Low, come Tolu.jpgthrough turbo-lift doors on the opposite side of the Bridge. Their Nexu.jpgweapons were leveled at us and IT3, whom they seemed to have as their prisoner. As the Rodians make their way our direction the Nexu surprised them, springing and taking a Rodian head into its mouth. We opened fire on these new arrivals, hoping our opposition would eliminate each other. Zarkon’s fire knocked Two Low off balance and back into the turbo-lift. The Nexu had made quick work of his first target & jumped into the turbo-lift just before its doors closed, leaving us with sounds of combat as it descended. The remaining Rodian surrendered to us.

Zarkon went to a ship’s control panel as Alex, Xrystian & me formed an assault group to quickly descend to the cargo hold. At that point the doors to that same turbo-lift opened with no one & nothing inside. Presumably, if Tolu had been killed by the beast, at least his weapon, if not his body, should have still been inside. We needed to get to that cargo hold before Tolu did. Zarkon took control of the ship’s elevators and down the three of us went.

A blaster bolt, accompanied by a Rodian taunt, hit the back of the elevator as soon as its doors opened. The young human, seeing our attacker, as well as the nearest cover, Dark_corridor.jpgthrough his light-enhancing lenses, charged towards it. Alex took advantage of the dark corridor and advanced, keeping to the shadows. My extremely sensitive Trandoshan vision goes into the infrared spectrum and I laid down blaster fire to keep our foe occupied.

Tolu fled, leading us on a chase to a closing turbo-lift door. Fortunately, with our youngest member at the bridge’s controls, the ship was on our side. We had Dax quickly freeze the elevator in-between floors &, though he tried to flee through the lift’s roof hatch, we were able to bring the Rodian down with a Stun bolt.

Meanwhile, the Captain of the Sa’nalor appeared on the bridge and via our voice-channel, ordered us to the bridge. Alex stayed hidden, but Xrystian & I complied.

The Captain ordered all of us off the ship & took us to “The Retreat”, which is where the ship’s crew apparently had lived for the last 19 years. Dia Tal’Keena used the opportunity of our short journey to began applying her formidable skills of persuasion on the Captain. There was obvious strife within the encampment, with members openly questioning the Captain’s actions., particularly one named Cratala. Our employer Reon had been correct to send IT3 with us; the droid seemed to be the reason the Captain hadn’t tried to kill us, as we came to understand was his practice with those he found aboard The Sa’nalor.

The settlement had a town hall meeting to discuss what our arrival & presence among them would mean for their future.


That’s a really great synopsis, but you forgot the bit at the VERY end where Xrystian made his compelling speech that we had come to help… not that we’re really certain that’s why we’re there…

The Sa'nalaor
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