The Legacy of Order 66

Raxus Prime

Our session begins with us arriving into the system of Raxus Prime.
Scrap Heap Point is the location of the Captain’s base on Raxus Prime.

On the trip to the system the Captain, Xrystian, Alyx & myself play a few hands of Sabacc. I realize I’m far outmatched & pull out after the first hand. The others continue, but the Captain accuses his First Mate of cheating, cuffs him in the face & orders him out of the room. The Captain said he forfeited his claim on the pot & suggested that the rest of us split it in some way.

Captain Cartell of the Empire meets us at the landing area. The code that Dax cooked up with his droid raises a few suspicions & they have required that we submit to boarding & search upon landing.

Alyx detects audio electronic surveillance device has been planted by our Imperial boarders. We determine not to have Dax try to disable, for fear of them detecting our attempts. Instead we will simply watch our speech aboard ship.

Our landing area is near the Northern pole of the planet & our destination, Scrap Heap Point, is near the equator. So we relocate to a salvage area near our destination but not one that will lead anyone trailing us directly to where we’re headed.

Upon setting down we notice an unarmed skiff already there with some salvaged items aboard. Upon lowering our ramp, we are hailed by a Chiss & a Bothan. We chat for just a few seconds when a heavily armed Imperial skiff blazes into site blaring over it’s loudspeakers for us to relinquish our illegal salvage.

Alyx runs for the turret, Xrystian runs aboard the ship, Dai holds up her hands to signify our compliance & I remain motionless physically, covering covering my protectee.

We fly to Scrap Heap Point. We are guided into the only parking spot for a ship our size by a Rodian that identifies himself as “Norta”, from the ISOtech Clan. He says he’s a partner of our employer Reom. We have a detailed pow wow with Norta. (Note: Cratala is a Arcanian.)

Suddenly, we detect multiple skiffs full of individuals in Jawa cowls. But Norta jumps onto one of these skiffs, cuffs him in the face & dislodges the cowl, revealing that it’s the Rodian Content Not Found: null. I had jumped into the ship’s lower gunnery turret & opened fire.

After the initial volley from both sides, one of the skiffs had crashed the mouth of the cave & exploded – appearing to kill on onboard (I can take credit for that). The other skiff planted itself into the ground with foes jumping off and using it for cover. We were acquitting ourselves well, when Roem appears with a dozen or so soldiers ordering the opposition to surrender. They choose to live & do so.

Reom tells us he’s quite pleased with our service & offers our group either 30,000 credits or 20,000 and a stake in the new cybernetics company. The group opts for the latter after some discussion.

We trade in the group’s two ships for a larger one to accommodate our larger party.

Xrystian makes known his strong desire to rescue the rest of the The Salanor’s crew. Captain Harsol & Cratala are all for it. Alyx makes known her ongoing strong desire for a cybernetic rear appendage. Cratala says she is willing & offers any of us cybernetic enhancements that she is able to perform. She says she is able to do it on the voyage back to Cholganna. Dai is given a cybernetic arm. I receive implanted armor. Alyx finally gets her tail.

Most unfortunately, Jorn seems to have had some…trouble…with the warp jump navigation computations. We did seem to arrive into the Cholganna system but we collided with an orbiting Imperial ship immediately after arriving, we think taking out their bridge. “Bouncing” off of that we’re now headed into the atmosphere….


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