The Legacy of Order 66

Horuset System

Not really a tourist destination

Korriban_system.jpgAfter jumping blindly, we arrived to the ancient Sith world of Korriban in the Horuset system. Many Sith artifacts have been found there, but It’s been dead for a millinia. There is a debris field around the planet. The Dark Lords that we know as the Sith are not actually Sith – they’re the “Lords of the Sith”; they enslaved the Sith many years ago, a race that is no longer around.

With reservations, particularly from Xrystian, it was decided to go to Planet_Korriban_landscape_2.jpgthe surface.

It turns out our unscheduled visit is during the cold season, and several of us go out into the freezing wind. Jorn inspects the ship finding a landslide had landed on top of one side of our ship Gordian Knot. The vessel could now obviously use some time in the shop.

Xrystian shares that he thinks he sees something a couple hundred Planet_Korriban_landscape_1.jpgmeters away. He leads us there, where we find a cave mouth. Inside the sides are smooth, unlike the ground outside, there’s an interment substance that appears as Fool’s Gold & there appears to be a bright white light 400-500 meters into the tunnel. In any case, the absence of the wind makes it much warmer inside & we proceed inside. We find skeletal remains that we’re unable to identify. Xrystian clearly doesn’t want to proceed but his reasoning is vague.

Making it to the end of the tunnel we find the light is an opening into a valley. This valley is sunk down 200 meters & holds a large ominous pyramid. Xryistian discomfort seems to increase. The ground shakes underneath us and Jorn & Xryistian now suddenly agree that perhaps we should leave. Tal’Keena checks in with Dax at the ship, the ground shifts under our feet & then suddenly our communicators only give forth white noise.

We all then experienced, what appeared to be, a vision. The sky over the valley seemed to crack open, like a roof, a ship descended through it and shot a light at the top of the pyramid. There the light splintered into light that refracted all over the valley and we each were hit with our own beam. The valley suddenly seemed much more idyllic, the temperature warm and comfortable, the plants more welcoming and native humanoid figures running around. The ship overhead then opens fire killing these figures. At that point the vision ends. The comms begin to work again & Dax is heard excitedly trying to raise us; he’d lost contact with our group and was concerned. He said more rocks had fallen on the ship & Tal’Keena filled him in on the vision.

We proceed forward & see a carved symbol in stone (that looks much like the Advantage result on the die) we recognize as having been associated with Merrick, the former apprentice of Dark Vader who then sacrificed himself to save who would be the leadership of the Alliance.

Farrunner surprises us by suddenly changing his advice, wanting to proceed ahead. We get to the pyramid and ascend some steps up about 1/3 of the pyramid, where we come to a ledge. There’s an arch carved into the side but no opening. Finding more stair off this ledge we proceed upwards and eventually find an opening.

Inside, the walls are covered with what we believe are Sith glyphs – not Sith Dark Lords but the original people that the Dark Lords subjugated. Dai Tal’Keena studies them but comes away extremely confused; the group is concerned by the effect they had on her.

We find a tight very steep spiral stairs down. Over those stairs is a symbol of a pyramid, a circle over it, rays coming from the circle that go to stick men. Members of the group voice that perhaps the six stick figures must be depicting us (even though there’s five of us that are there at the moment). We proceed down these extremely sharp stairs; Jorn & I assist Tal’Keena, who was unsure of her steps.

At the bottom of the spiral staircase we can to three doors, one door with one hashmark, one with two hashmarks & the last with three. Den’lon & Xrystian together inspect door “#1” and Iracttius inspects #3. Iracttius comes up with nothing, but Den’lon senses that the grooves have something to do with opening it.

Den’lon is able to get door #1 open using the slot by pushing it up. A smell of death & decay emanates from the now open doorway and the 8 foot diameter room within. There were glyphs on the walls and a 3’ diameter circular portal in the floor. Iracttius egresses the room to keep an eye on the two other doors outside. The bothan & Tal’Keena put their fingers in each slot, respectively, and the portal slides open easily. Inside there is a small curious basin that Xrystian & Jorn reach into to investigate…finding it a caustic chemical agent that burns their fingers painfully.

We got out & Den’lon similarly opens door #2, where we find a much larger room and a lever. The bothan figures out how to pull the lever from distance, which opens a portion of the floor. There’s a narrow slitted stone filter there that obviously connected to room #1.

Den’lon opens the third door, where we find a large dais in the center & a symbol of a hand holding something with light coming from the other end. There are two crystals in there, one yellow & one red; we know that these types of crystals are used inside light sabers.

Perceiving a weight-plate at the bottom of the basin, Den’lon attempts to skillfully swap the one crystal for something similarly weighted. After initially believing it worked, liquid started dripping from the ceiling, with all of us fearing the worst. She quickly reached for the other crystal, only to watch it quickly flip on its own into Xrystian’s hand.

We all bolted for the stairs. At the top of the stairs, the open doorway that we ingressed the pyramid through was closed. But suddenly, and quite mysteriously, Xrystian seems to somehow open the doorway. As we’re running for the tunnel to get out of the valley we all have an intermittent vision of us running with the native Sith while the Dark Lords cut down them down with light sword-like weapons. The visions ended as we entered the tunnel & we ran to the far end of it, where it was partially blocked with rubble.

Some of the band recommence interviewing those we freed from the Imperial ship’s brig but that are not part of Captain Harsol’s crew. One has big scar on face. Another has bioinic arm & eye. Girl is young, cute & hit Xrystian in the face when he tries to question her. She turned out to be serving the Empire, probably for her freedom, by hosting a subcutaneous homing device. The young Zarkon is able to quickly slice into encrypted Imperial data channels & leads them to believe that activity on the surface is actually elsewhere. This is to cover the ship’s fire that Iracttius vaporizes the majority of the landslide that was pinning the ship into place.

Now freed from its rocky tether, the Gordian Knot streaks into orbit & prepares to jump.


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